Jindal slams Obama
Posted on 3/6/2014 3:11:00 PM.
Governor Bobby Jindal had some harsh words for President Barack Obama while giving a speech today at the Conservative Political Action Conference in suburban Washington. Jindal called Obama the worst president of our lifetime, because of his assault on the American dream.

"This Administration has assaulted our religious liberties," Jindal said. "It's assaulted the American Dream so that success is defined by Government assistance. That's not the American dream. That's an American nightmare."

Jindal also attacked the President's intelligence by questioning his knowledge of the constitution.

"This President graduated from some of the best schools in the country and if I were him I'd consider suing Harvard Law School to get his money back," Jindal said. "I'm not sure what he learned in three years."

Jindal says the President has not done enough to help students in failing schools and he says this administration is not tolerant of religious views.

He says the Obama administration has tried to get in the way of the state's voucher program, which is designed to help children get the best education they can.

"Let it be heard, and I hope he's watching, to President Carter I want to issue a sincere apology," Jindal went on to a laughing crowd. "It is no longer fair to say he was the worst President of this great country in my lifetime. President Obama has proven me wrong."
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