Polls in Iowa show Jindal gaining some support
Posted on 9/9/2015 3:23:00 AM.

A couple of new polls show Governor Bobby Jindal gaining more support in Iowa. The governor has pledged to visit all 99 counties and has already spent a lot of time there. An NBC/Marist Poll shows four percent of Iowa caucus-goers plan on voting for Jindal, which is up from one percent in July.

There is also a Gravis Poll that showed Jindal at 5 percent, and Gravis Marketing President Doug Kaplan...

“We think Jindal doesn’t have a strong infrastructure nationally but we think he’s got a strategy where he’s going to try to win Iowa. It’s anyone’s guess if Jindal is going to win, he’s got as good as a chance as nearly anyone.”

Kaplan says Donald Trump and Ben Carson are the frontrunners, with Trump at 32 percent and Carson at 16 percent. But he says there is plenty of time left for Jindal or another candidate to catch up and take the lead.

“We saw Walker, 4 or 5 months ago, having a strong lead. A lot of those voters have fell off, they’ve fallen for Trump, he’s got a huge advantage right now. Will that hold? That’s anyone’s guess.”

Kaplan says Jindal isn’t doing well in the national polls but those don’t really matter at this point in the race. He says in the past other low ranking candidates were able to rise to the top in Iowa.

“The national polls mean very little, it’s the early voting, Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and I think anyone has a chance. No one expected Huckabee to win or Santorum.”

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