Congressman Fleming opposes Pentagon proposal to make further cuts to US Military
Posted on 2/24/2014 2:31:00 PM.
Michelle Southern reporting.
The Pentagon has released a proposal that would reduce forces in the United States Army to numbers not seen since before the buildup during World War II. US Representative John Fleming of Minden strongly opposes a shrinking of the nation's military. He says the country's defense has already had to brunt too much of the burden of federal cost cutting.

"A trillion dollars over ten years when we still have a growing spending on entitlement programs that are in desperate need of reform," Fleming said.

Fleming says cutting our armed forces back to around 440,000 troops as is being proposed would make us unable to fulfill our mission.

He says budget cuts have been made to the military under the Obama Administration while entitlement programs like welfare and food stamp programs continue to grow.

"We're shifting dollars to operate government and to defend this nation on paying people not to work," said Fleming.

Fleming, who also serves on the US House Armed Services Committee, says he will continue to fight for every dollar necessary to make sure men and women serving our country have everything they need to defend the nation.

He also says he's very concerned about the impact these reductions would have on Fort Polk in his District.

"If those forces are cut by 20% or as much as 50% that could be devastating to the local economy," said Fleming. "We could actually see that base close all together under a BRAC commission."

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