Kaplan Police Chief arrested on charges of theft and malfeasance in office
Posted on 9/11/2017 4:38:00 PM.

Kaplan Police Chief Boyd Adams has been arrested on charges of theft and malfeasance in office after an investigation by the Legislative Auditor’s Office. Director of the Investigative Audit Roger Harris says they found that the Kaplan Police Recreation Account had not been included in the financial statements for the town, which means it was never audited. He says there were no records to support the expenditure of over $19,000.

“But there was about $6,965 that there was no explanation for that and it’s my understanding that that was the basis of the Louisiana State Police’s warrant.”

The report finds Adams was unable to provide receipts of records documenting his use of the funds from May 2010 to May 2015. Harris says even after a chance to explain the expenses, Adams was unable to.

“That’s what they’re thinking, he couldn’t provide any explanation for it, and there was no documentation for it to start with.”

Some of the discrepancies involved a failure to disclose off-duty security details to the worker’s compensation insurer and Chief Adams ordering professional services without authorization. Harris says the Legislative Auditors received a complaint into the Kaplan Police Department and that’s what stemmed the investigation, which was completed last September.

“And even giving him the benefit of the doubt on the explanations he made, we still ended up with a $6,965 discrepancy between those two figures.

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