Kinder man arrested for dumping kittens in a ditch; all have been adopted
Posted on 7/17/2017 1:11:00 PM.

A Kinder man has been arrested after he was caught dumping a load of kittens off on the side of the road. Deputy Christopher Ivey with the Jefferson Davis Parish Sheriff’s Office says deputies patrolling the area noticed a vehicle stopped on the side of the road which then turned down a private road. He says they then pulled over 63-year-old Morris Williams.

“He admitted to the deputy that he had just dumped some kittens. So they deputy was able to located 5 kittens in a ditch on the side of the roadway.”

Ivey says deputies first believed Williams was either dumping garbage or trespassing. He says the officer was able to retrieve the kittens from the ditch.

“Rescued them, brought them back in to the office and later the deputies found homes for all of them so they were adopted.”

Ivey says Williams is charged with 5 counts of animal cruelty. He says this is something they take very seriously and it’s a shame animal abandonment happens so frequently.

“It happens a lot, especially out in these rural areas, these farms, rice fields, people will dump. A lot of times the landowner will adopt them if they can.”

Christopher Ivey, kittens, Jefferson Davis Parish Sheriff's Office, Morris Williams

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