You can vote for your favorite King Cake in 3rd annual King Cake Snob competition
Posted on 1/10/2018 10:00:00 PM.
Who has the best King Cake in Louisiana? The website King Cake Snob is set to find out this carnival season. Jay Connaughton, CEO of Mandeville-based Innovative Advertising, says the competition will award the top “traditional” and “filled” King Cakes this year by separating the best of the best.

"To really find out from Louisianans what's their favorite King Cake, what is it that drives them to like that King Cake and really trying to find out the consumer insight is what absolutely is the best King Cakes out there."
The site for people to submit reviews is at king-cake-snob-dot-com. Connaughton says, when you go to the website you can also fill out a questionnaire to describe what type of King Cake you like the best. They have found interesting trends among the reviews.
"85 percent of people prefer for the bakery to add the baby as opposed forcing the customer to do it themselves.  63 percent prefer granulated sugar over no icing or just icing."  

Last year, cakes from over 250 cakes and 150 bakeries were reviewed by customers. New Orleans based bakery Manny Randazzo took the majority of the awards last year for Best “Traditional”, Best “Filled”, Best Presentation and Best Freshness. The Royal Bakery in Belle Chasse won for Best Flavor. He says there has been a lot of parity since they started the competition three years ago.

"What's interesting is we're getting different winners and that's really exciting because there's a lot of good King Cakes out there for everyone to enjoy during Mardi Gras season."
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