Louisiana is in for a wet weekend
Posted on 12/2/2016 12:02:00 PM.

Louisiana is in for a wet weekend as the cold front that passed us earlier in the week is turning back toward the state. State Climatologist Barry Keim says we have about three to four wet days in front of us. He says northern parishes can expect to see anywhere from five to seven inches of rain.

“Once we saturate these soils over the first day or so, the soils are already pretty saturated from some of our recent rains and as a result it probably won’t take a whole lot to get flash flooding as a problem.”

Keim says the upside to this wet weather is it will likely eliminate most of the drought we’ve seen across the state.

“If you’re in the farming business or trying to do cattle ranching, this is probably the best thing that you could ever see. So all in all, this is a good thing for the state, we could use the rain.”

Keim says severe weather threats are very minimal with this returning front. He says temperatures will remain relatively mild.

“We’re going to be socked in with a lot of cloudiness and by virtue of that I’d say to expect temperatures between says 50 to 75 degrees for the next three days. We’re not going to see a lot of movement in the temperature.”

Barry Keim, cold front, flash flooding

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