Two years from now, Louisiana voters likely getting ready for a gubernatorial runoff
Posted on 10/17/2017 11:24:00 AM.

Two years from now, Louisiana voters will likely be gearing up for a gubernatorial runoff election. GOP Chairman Roger Villere says they plan to go after current Democratic Governor John Bel Edwards in a big away. He says Edwards does not share many of the conservative beliefs of Louisiana voters.

“I think he’s moderate to liberal on a number of other issues. His brand of politics is more moderate than I like. Even if he was a Republican, I’d be pushing to get a more conservative Republican in there.”

Villere says one big name that has been mentioned a lot for the 2019 election is U.S. Senator John Kennedy. He says Kennedy is an extremely formidable candidate for the position.

“He has the ability to raise the money. He has high name recognition having just run for the U.S. Senate. Also, I believe he served for 17 years as the state treasurer.”

Villere says many other potentially strong Republican politicians have voiced interest in running for Governor.

“Taylor Barras, Senator Appel, Conrad Appel said he was looking at it. Garret Graves said he was looking at it. [Ralph] Abraham said he was looking at it.”

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