La. man facing five years in prison for trying to use Trump's SSN to get tax info
Posted on 12/11/2017 5:23:00 PM.

A 32-year-old Lafayette man faces up to five years in prison after pleading guilty to using President Donald Trump’s social security number to try and obtain a copy of the president’s federal tax information. Legal Analyst Tim Meche says Jordan Hamlett will likely get probation or very little time. He says no harm was done by Hamlett’s actions.

“He didn’t get the returns, he didn’t disseminate them and he was only trying to do what the rest of America was trying to do which was to know what Donald Trump’s tax returns contain.”

Meche says if this case were taken to trial, he believes the jury would’ve taken sympathy on Hamlett. He says everyone is curious to see what the President’s taxes look like.

“And he thought he was doing to through the public records. I’m not sure a Baton Rouge jury would’ve found that he did anything so egregious as to have found him guilty.”

Meche says even though Hamlett did use President Trump’s social security number, which is private, he was only trying to do what the public has been asking for.

“It depends on what he was trying to do, if he was trying to besmirch someone’s reputation to get back at them but he was merely trying to do what the rest of America was trying to do.”

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