LaFourche Parish to acknowledge Thibodaux Massacre
Posted on 11/14/2017 12:40:00 PM.

The LaFourche Parish Council issued a proclamation Tuesday night marking the 130th anniversary of the Thibodaux Massacre. It was one of the bloodiest incidents of violence in American history. White mobs shot black men and women after a strike was called by sugar cane workers in Lafourche and Terrebonne Parishes. President of the 1887 Memorial John DeSantis says special guests were in the audience.

"It's going to be done in the presence of a descendant of a survivor who's account is what helped us to know the extent of what occurred."
The incident occurred on November 23 1887. Next Thursday, there will be a moment of silence in Thibodaux to mark the anniversary of the slaughter. DeSantis hopes the event will raise awareness about a project he is involved with to locate the victims of the massacre and have them properly buried. They know where they are at, they just need to raise the funds for the Going Home Project.
"Every indication we have is that they are in a field behind the American Legion Post in Thibodaux." 
DeSantis says as many cities remain divided over their racially-charged histories, LaFourche is taking a giant step in the name of healing.
"I think that a Louisiana community quietly recognizing something bad happened here, goes a long way towards the type of reconciliation this country needs to have."

If you want more information or like to donate, visit L-A-1887-dot-org.

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