Second Lake Providence police officer arrested in one month
Posted on 3/5/2014 3:56:00 PM.
A Lake Providence Police Officer was arrested for falsifying a traffic accident police report. Officer Lee Antwine is being charged with one count of malfeasance in office after a driver asked him to claim in an accident report that his Ford truck hit a Chevy Avalanche when actually it was the Pontiac Grand Prix he was driving that rear-ended the Avalanche. State Trooper Albert Paxton says he is unsure why Antwine did it because it was such a minor crash.

"There wasn't any evidence that he was trying to bribe the police officer, the police officer thought he was doing the guy a favor, which is still illegal. He said he was wanted to help him. They basically turned a very minor incident in to someone losing their job and getting arrested," Paxton says.

Paxton says Antwine confessed he falsified the report after questioning. If convicted, Antwine faces up to five years in prison and up to 5,000 dollars in fines. 

"Insurance fraud and malfeasance in office, is a pretty serious deal. Even if the monitary value is not that big, it's still a big deal in itself," Paxton says.

Paxton says officer Antwine did not live up to the morals of a police officer when he knowling falsified the police report. This is the second time in a month a Lake Providence police officer has been charged with malfeasance in office. Last month Officer Clint Reed pulled a motorist over and asked the driver for 50 dollars instead of issuing a speeding ticket.

"By itself it's not a lot of money involved, but in principle it is very serious because these things could lead to something bigger," Paxton says.

Albert Paxton, LSP, Lee Antwine, Lake Providence

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