Lawmakers look at bills to regulate drones
Posted on 4/26/2016 11:02:00 AM.

Louisiana lawmakers are working to regulate drones. Baton Rouge Senator Dan Claitor has legislation that prevents people from using drones for stalking, voyeurism, and other crimes. He says his proposals are intended to protect people from people, as well as the government.

“It’s also about keeping the government out of your business. I don’t think anyone particularly wants the government taking pictures in their backyard or capturing their Wi-Fi signal without a search warrant,” Claitor said.

Claitor has proposed similar legislation before, but lawmakers were more hesitant, as drones were not as popular a few years ago as they are now. He says technology is advancing, and regulation of drones is needed to keep up with the times.

“It won’t be long before your neighbor can fly a drone the size of a bumblebee into your yard and potentially into your house,” Claitor said.

Claitor says you shouldn’t be able to do something with a piece of technology that would wouldn’t do with your physical person.

“If you wouldn’t climb up on my roof as a person, perhaps you shouldn’t be able to do it with a drone, and that applies to individuals as well as the government,” Claitor said.

One of Claitor’s measures would make it illegal to fly a drone over someone’s property without their permission, and that bill has passed the Senate. Another proposal, which would prevent people from using drones for stalking, harassment or assault, is scheduled to be hear in a Senate committee.

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