Lawmakers return to Baton Rouge to tackle the 2018 regular session
Posted on 3/12/2018 11:40:00 AM.
Lawmakers return to the capitol today to begin the regular session, just days after the special session failed to find a resolution for a one-billion-dollar budget shortfall. publisher Jeremy Alford says the backbiting and harsh words that were slung around between legislators will have an impact. They need to work together to consider over 1,000 non revenue related bills.

"Everything from gambling and gun control to teacher's tenures, judgments paid by the state TOPS, minimum wage, Medicaid access."

A task force recommended to allow riverboat casinos to come on shore. Alford that led to several other gambling operators asking for changes in legislation that affects them.
"Every corner of the gaming world kind of followed suit from video poker to race tracks to the land based casino in New Orleans.  All kind of want a piece of the action so to speak."
The elephant in the room is the budget shortfall. There can’t be any finance bills considered, but there are hints there will be one called following the special session. Alford feels it could end before the June 4th deadline, which will put lawmakers under a tight schedule. 
"The pace of things to come at the capitol will be very interesting.  They will be made to work on Fridays, which is usually not the case in the regular session." 
2018 Legislative Session, Baton Rouge, Jeremy Alford

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