LCTCS President wants TOPS program for adults
Posted on 9/14/2017 2:41:00 PM.
The president of the Louisiana Community and Technical College System wants the state to pursue a scholarship program for adults so they can attend two year schools. Monty Sullivan likes the idea of a TOPS for grown folks.

"Let's find ways to focus the financial aid strategy toward that adult population. To help those folks to go back, to earn those short term credentials, to get the first step toward that viable income for their families."

The average community and technical college student in Louisiana is 27.5 years old, so that means most their students are not eligible for TOPS. Sullivan their adults who want to attend a two-year college, but can’t because they don’t have the money.
"We are leaving some folks behind in the state of Louisiana who have a financial need and need an education to participate in this economy and gain that level of education."

Sullivan says it would be a wise investment, if the state provided financial assistance for a working mother of two who is only making eight bucks an hour, but with education and training can make $18 an hour.
"There's an opportunity for us to make a strategic investment in those people to ensure they are enrolled in those high value credentials and can go to work and make a living for their families."
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