LDWF agents help Texas authorities with Harvey response
Posted on 8/28/2017 10:32:00 AM.

Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries agents are on hand to aid our Texas neighbors as they deal with epic flooding in the Houston area. Adam Einck with LDWF says the agents will assist the Texas authorities with search and rescue efforts.

“We were able to send 10 agents with trucks and boats on Saturday, and yesterday we sent an additional 30 agents with trucks and boats. From there, I think they’ll be deployed where they need to be,” Einck said.

This time last year, many Texans were in the Bayou State assisting with recovery efforts from the devastating flood in south Louisiana. Einck says LDWF is happy to return the favor for our neighbors to the west.

“Louisiana is no stranger to flooding events, and in the past Texas has helped us out with those events. So obviously any chance we can to help them out in a time of need, we’re able to do so and happy to do it as well,” Einck said.

Einck says about forty Louisiana agents are in the Lone Star State with rescue vehicles and boats. He says all LDWF agents are on standby as the threat from Harvey is far from over.

“If they need more help, we can send additional assets, and we’re also keeping an eye on the storm for Louisiana as well. As this thins is hovering over the Houston area, we’re still looking out for Lake Charles, Cameron and Calcasieu Parishes,” Einck said.

The Cajun Navy is being deployed once again, this time to assist with the flood response in Texas. Penny Shar is with Project We Care Louisiana in conjunction with the Cajun Navy. She says about 100 people with boats and high water vehicles are leaving from Baton Rouge, and more are joining the caravan in Lafayette.

“We got the Army truck. We’re loading up water. We’re excited. We’re blessed more people than we expected have showed up and donated,” Shar said.

Boat owners who want to help can call 985-215-6864 or 225-806-0746. Shar says more rescue groups will hit the road later this week. Donations can be made at Costco in Baton Rouge or by calling Shar to have them picked up. She says they’re asking for a variety of items for the trip.

“Water, diapers for babies, sugar free stuff for diabetics, sugar for people that are hyperglycemic, perishable items,” Shar said.

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