Legal analyst discusses key factors in Ronald Gasser case
Posted on 12/7/2016 3:36:00 AM.

Ronald Gasser, the man accused of fatally shooting former NFL player and John Curtis star Joe McKnight last week, has been charged with manslaughter, so what will be the key factors in a likely trial? Legal analyst Tim Meche says Gasser’s testimony will be the biggest factor. He says if Gasser can explain a reasonable fear to the jury, he could be found not guilty.

“It’s got to be bolstered by the other witnesses who say Joe McKnight. If they describe him as acting like a crazy person and a nut it helps the defendant.”

Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand says it’s possible the manslaughter charge could be upgraded or downgraded based on future evidence. Meche says the Jefferson Parish DA’s office could also let a grand jury have a say.

“In a case like this the District Attorney might be smart to take it to a grand jury and let them decide the appropriate charge, that takes a lot of political heat off of him.”

Meche says it appears the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office conducted a very professional investigation in a tidal wave of criticism, which will likely help them build a better case. He says there is a state law that will play a big role in this case and that gives a person the right to shoot and kill someone attempting to invade your vehicle.

“We have a specific statute in Louisiana that says you can shoot and kill somebody if they are trying to forcefully enter your vehicle, yes, and I think that statute is going to control this case.”

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