Coaches taking heat precautions as high school practice gets underway
Posted on 8/10/2015 3:20:00 AM.
Today marks the first official day of football practice for Louisiana High School Athletic Association schools and temperatures continue to rise. Director of the Louisiana High School Coaches Association Terrence Williams says when possible, practice times are adjusted to avoid peak heat hours.

"A lot of the coaches go on the two-a-days and then go to camp and try to work their kids and get a lot of things done early in the morning and late in the afternoon and try to stay out of those high humidity times of the day."

The LHSAA has issued an extreme heat warning to remind parents, coaches and student athletes of the dangers of heat related illnesses. Williams says teams are given “best practice guidelines” as steps to take to avoid heat stroke.
"Check them, weigh them in before practice, weigh them in after practice. Make sure the kids are losing too much weight too rapidly. Replacing those fluids, making sure they have enough salt in their body."
Williams says it’s extremely important for student athletes to be hydrated before, during and after practice or any type of physical activity. He says their coaches use common sense and know that it’s important to keep talking to the kids during practice.
"And you get to know the kids and know when the conversation is not normal. You may have a kid who is bouncing around all the time and no he's sitting kind of isolated by himself. That is a lot of cause for concerns and you get in there and communicate with the kids and make sure they're doing okay and just keep them hydrated."
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