House Members to meet in a closed door retreat to hammer out budget ideas
Posted on 10/12/2017 3:00:00 AM.
Louisiana House members will hold a closed door retreat today in order to try to find a fix for a one-billion-dollar plus state budget gap. Alexandria Representative and GOP House Leader Lance Harris says he and Democratic chairman Gene Reynolds thought it would be a good idea to discuss their options.

"We talked about getting together early so that we could kind of educate our members and see what maybe as the conversation gets started see what bubbles to the top," Harris said.
Harris hopes that a bi-partisan plan can be approved. He says this retreat is just one step in what will be many toward a solution.
"This is just the first step of many that we'll take leading up to next year to try to solve fiscal issues the state faces," Harris said.

A temporary one-cent sales tax will expire in July 2018, which will leave the state with a budget deficit of over one billion dollars. Harris says he’s not ready to say what is the best solution to address the fiscal cliff, but the goal is to stabilize the budget.

"We need a long term solution that fixes this once and for all and we won't have to battle this year in and year out", Harris said. 
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