Louisiana tops nation for number of single people
Posted on 9/17/2014 1:58:00 AM.
Michelle Southern reporting.
According to a new report with data compiled from the US census, Louisiana has the most single people in the nation. The Martin Prosperity Institute study found 55.7% of adults here are nor married. Demographer Greg Rigamer says this could be because after Katrina and the BP Oil spill, Louisiana got a big boost in job opportunities.

"You know very often it's someone who is coming to just get a job," said Rigamer. "And the New Orleans area in particular is very attractive to younger people."

Rigamer says there has also been a significant increase in the number of people here between the ages of 20 and 29.

"You look at this influx of young people coming in, it's really not surprising we have a high number of unmarried adults," said Rigamer.

New Orleans topped the list as the metro area in the US with the highest number of single people at 58%.

Rigamer says many people think of The Big Easy as a great place to live, but many people don't associate it as a place you'd come start a family.

LSU Professor of Sociology Tim Slack says there is also growing number of people in the nation who are single and living alone.

"This is a real departure from the past when most people traditionally lived in family households," said Slack. "And this is a trend we're seeing nationally."

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