Louisianans come to the aid of Texas disaster victims
Posted on 8/31/2017 5:12:00 AM.

Louisianans who want to help with the Harvey relief efforts both in Texas and Louisiana can find ways to give at VolunteerLouisiana.gov. Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser says thousands have already signed up to give their time and resources to those in need.

“As these great demands build up, we’ll be bringing people in from all over and working with them both in Louisiana and Texas as we try to help those Americans rebuild,” Nungesser said.

Although Harvey has moved out of the area, the needs will be ongoing for some time. Nungesser says seeing neighbors helping neighbors shows the good we have in the community. He says it helps reassure the disaster victims they aren’t alone during this difficult time.

“This storm covered such a massive area in Texas, much like the floods last year did in Louisiana. It will be years before their life is back to normal,” Nungesser said.

Nungesser says volunteers’ time, money, and effort is going to a good cause. He says many Texans came to the aid of the Bayou State during last year’s historic floods, and this is our chance to give back.

“I’ve seen people that really couldn’t afford it reach in their pockets and give money to people in need many times. We do have great people here with big hearts,” Nungesser said.

Members of the Louisiana National Guard continue to help with search and rescue efforts in Texas, as flood waters will not recede for some time. Col. Ed Bush says it’s a great feeling to be able to help our neighbors in need.

“It’s the continuation of a longstanding relationship of helping each other. Texas was here in Katrina. Texas was here in Louisiana last year with the flooding. Now Louisiana is returning the favor,” Bush said.

Bush says hundreds of rescues have already been conducted, and many Texans are now in shelters in Lake Charles. He says it’s been a combined effort of both Texas and Louisiana authorities to get help to the people that need it.

“We could reach them a little bit easier from our southwest corner coming in from the east and bring them to safety. So that’s exactly what’s happening. We brought boats and high water vehicles down there and some guardsmen,” Bush said.

Bush says they are all about the spirit of helping, which is why soldiers join the guard. He says the number of Louisiana guardsmen in Texas will continue to grow, and they will be there as long as it takes.

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