LSP reminds hunters not to park on the side of highways
Posted on 11/24/2016 6:50:00 PM.

Louisiana State Police is advising hunters to pay attention to where they leave their vehicles, or they could get a ticket. Master Trooper Scott Moreau says many hunters park their trucks along the tree line and when motorists see the vehicles on the side of the road, they often think someone needs help.

“It’s a waste of resources for us if somebody calls in a crash and we go out there and it’s just a hunter, and that happens quite frequently,” Moreau said.

Moreau says sometimes hunters can access their land easier from the side of the highway than a side road. But he says not only is parking on the side of state or federal roads against the law, it’s also dangerous to other drivers.

“It’s a distraction to the other vehicles that are travelling because they look off and see the vehicle. SO their eyes are off the road, and a crash could result because of it,” Moreau said.

Moreau says this isn’t a new problem, but it’s more prevalent during hunting season. He reminds drivers not to stop on the side of the highway unless it’s an emergency, or risk getting a ticket.

“Hopefully we’ll get hunters to comply and citations won’t have to be written, but if they choose to still park on that portion of the roadway, they’re going to stand a chance to be cited,” Moreau said.

Scott Moreau, LSP, hunters

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