LSP offers motorcycle training program in efforts to reduce crashes
Posted on 1/22/2016 1:52:00 AM.

In an effort to reduce motorcycle fatalities and injuries, Louisiana State Police is getting the word out about a motorcycle training program that’s offered at 10 different locations around the state. Trooper Bryan Lee says this training course helps to build mental and physical skills to safely operate a motorcycle.

“We think it would be a great opportunity to get the public to come in. Learn these basic skills, learn some safety techniques, ways to reduce injuries and even death if you’re involved in these crashes.”

During 2015 there were nearly two thousand motorcycle related crashes across Louisiana and 80 resulted in death. Lee says they have courses available for basic, intermediate and experienced riders.

“These courses teach you what’s critical when you’re out riding that motorcycle. You need to have those physical and mental skills, as well as, the ability to go out there and maneuver that motorcycle safely.”

The training program is offered statewide in 10 locations. Lee says locations and class dates can be found at

“The training lasts three days. There is only a classroom portion which lasts a few hours, and then there are two days of actual hands on riding.”

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