Report: LSU President says decision to keep Miles as coach was made during the game
Posted on 12/3/2015 12:52:00 PM.
Michelle Southern reporting.
LSU President F. King Alexander says the final decision on whether or not to keep Les Miles as head coach wasn't made until after halftime of the Texas A&M game according to

Alexander says the cost of the buyout and the show of public support for Miles went into the decision.
Tiger Rag Editor Cody Worsham says Miles went into that game not knowing his job status.

"He said after the game that he didn't find out until immediately after the game," said Worsham. "There was a meeting in Les Miles office after LSU beat A&M 19-7 and that's when he found out."

The cost of Miles buyout was going to be paid by private donors, but Worsham says Alexander made it clear that the PR hit would have been tremendous either way.

"Voters and decision makers wouldn't care if that money came from private sources or public sources," said Worsham. "It's the perception that matters."

Worsham says even though Miles gets to keep his job for now, it's likely the fate of the Mad Hatter is still in limbo because the decision was made for political reasons. 

He says, looking ahead, Governor-elect John Bel Edwards has promised to fund higher education with more state money.

"If that becomes stable, that's the foundation of what Les Miles is standing on right now," said Worsham. "If that goes out from underneath him and he doesn't start winning more football games next season, he could be back where we started this year."
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