LSU President talks football and budget cuts
Posted on 2/29/2016 3:59:00 PM.

Discussion about deep budget cuts to higher education could mean fewer students at LSU. The TOPS Scholarship Program is only funded at 25% for the next school year. Without TOPS, many students may have to rethink their education plans. LSU President F. King Alexander is concerned about enrollment numbers dropping because of budget concerns in Louisiana.

“We’re losing students that might come to us. We’re losing students who are currently on our campus talking about other universities,” Alexander said.

Alexander stands by comments that LSU football is at risk. He says unless enough revenue is raised, they may have to close summer school and only about half of the athletes will be eligible to play in the fall. He says unfortunately LSU’s budget problems is impacting recruiting.

“We’ve got coaches using it against our recruits in sports, saying ‘Why would you go to LSU? They might not have a summer school. You may not even be eligible by NCAA standards if you go to LSU,’” Alexander said.

Alexander says if LSU is expected to win on the football field, they should be expected to win in the classroom too. But he says the university needs the necessary funding to do that. He says LSU ranks 46th in the nation for how much they invest in each student.

“Not everybody wants their kids to go to a school that’s going to spend less on your son or daughter than anybody else in the country. It’s not a real good selling point,” Alexander said.

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