LSU to change multiple street names on campus, including Raphael Semmes Road.
Posted on 11/27/2017 5:37:00 PM.

LSU will rename multiple streets on campus, including Raphael Semmes Road, which was named after a Confederate officer. LSU Mass Communication professor Bob Mann says earlier this year, his students began looking at names of streets and buildings they believed should be changed.

“Started asking questions about them and started a campaign to try to change some of those names, including Raphael Semmes and in the process they found that there were plans already underway to change the name.”

Raphael Semmes Road will be changed to Veterans Drive. Mann hopes his students were able to accelerate this change. He says Raphael Semmes was only on the LSU facility for a few months after the Civil War.

“He was not from Louisiana, he didn’t stay in Louisiana after he left the LSU faculty. He’s from Maryland I believe and is buried in Alabama.”

Mann says in reality, Semmes had almost no association with the university.

“Just seemed to us and I think to a lot of people and apparent to the Board of Supervisors, this is probably not the most appropriate person to have a street named after, especially a prominent street named on the LSU campus.”

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