LSU Health Shreveport looking at how alcohol can prevent ischemic strokes
Posted on 3/8/2016 2:56:00 PM.

LSU Health Shreveport has received a 1.6 million dollar grant to research the connection between light alcohol consumption and ischemic strokes. Director of the Center for Cardiovascular Diseases and Sciences Dr. Chris Kevil says drinking one to three alcoholic beverages a week has been found to increase protection to an ischemic stroke.

“Light alcohol consumption stimulates anti-inflammatory pathways, as well as, antioxidant responses in cells and in tissues.”

Kevil says when an individual has an ischemic stroke these anti-inflammatory and antioxidant defenses are already revved up and can protect from a subsequent stroke. He says the professor awarded the grant, Dr. Hong Sun, is attempting to define how light alcohol consumption actually protects from ischemic stroke.

“Once he identifies these biochemical molecules that are responsible, one could then target those molecules themselves without having to consume the alcohol to activate those biochemical molecules.”

Kevil says a study a few years ago, called the French Paradox, found similar results. 

“In France, many of the people there eat a rich diet and drink wine frequently and they do not suffer from the same burden of ischemic strokes of heart attacks, as well.”

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