LSU hires Matt Canada as offensive coordinator
Posted on 12/14/2016 11:00:00 AM.

LSU Head Coach Ed Orgeron has hired former Pittsburgh Offensive Coordinator Matt Canada to be the Tigers new O.C. Tiger Rag Associate Editor James Moran says once it was obvious Alabama’s Lane Kiffin was seeking a head coaching job, Canada was the best choice.

“So when you look down this guy’s track record he’s very good at being versatile, being able to adapt his scheme and being able to create easy matchups and easy points and he’s able to develop quarterbacks wherever he’s been.”

Moran says Canada has never had the kind of offensive talent he’ll have at LSU. He says this is also good news on the recruiting front, as the Tigers are trying to get a four star quarterback out of Mississippi to sign with LSU.

“Matt Canada’s track record as a quarterback guy and the offense he runs, I think it’s an offense that Myles Brennan would fit very well in. So, I mean obviously it seems like most hires are good hires on paper but this one really makes a lot of sense and is a good fit.”

Moran says Matt Canada will fit well in the mix with defensive coordinator Dave Aranda. He says both started their coaching careers young and worked their way up quickly.

“When you look at their track record, they’re smart guys, they’re innovative and they both bring something to the table that frankly LSU has been missing in years part with that innovation and versatility.”

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