At least 77-percent of state legislature will be decided by the end of Saturday's primary
Posted on 10/20/2015 10:52:00 AM.
After Saturday night's primary election, at least 77-percent of the state House and Senate races will be decided.  LaPolitics-dot-com Publisher Jeremy Alford says that's based on the number of lawmakers running without opposition and the number of legislative races involving just two candidates.  

Alford says an unusually large number of legislators ran unopposed this election.
"53 races in the House have already been decided, that's half of the House and 21 seats in the Senate have been decided, that's 54-percent."

51-percent of state lawmakers were automatically re-elected in unopposed races.  Alford says a large number of legislative seats will be decided Saturday in two candidate races.

"An additional 29 districts in the House and 9 districts in the Senate that will be decided on October 24th."

Alford says there are 23 House races and 9 Senate races with multiple candidates that could go to the November 21st runoff.

"We're likely to see maybe a couple of those, a handful of those, maybe decided on Saturday.  That's 32 races, basically,  that we're kind of waiting to see what going to happen after Saturday." 
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