Shreveport man arrested for impersonating a state trooper
Posted on 4/21/2017 5:38:00 AM.

A Shreveport man has been arrested for pretending to be a state trooper. LSP Trooper Matt Harris says they received a complaint about a door to door steak salesman impersonating a trooper. He says after detectives obtained a warrant for his arrest, they requested 47-year-old Lester Wells’ service at the criminal investigations division in Bossier City.

“Mr. Wells responded to what he thought was a routine sales call, and upon his arrival troopers and detectives took Mr. Wells into custody and arrested him for fraudulent portrayal of a police officer,” Harris said.

Harris says during an interview with detectives, Wells confessed to crime, claiming it helped his sales to portray himself as a state trooper. But Harris says Wells got more than just a sales boost by impersonating a trooper.

“He had used this to get free merchandise, discounts, other things people were offering in support of law enforcement to a man that they thought was a law enforcement officer,” Harris said.

Harris says if someone comes to your door claiming to be police, you have the right to ask to see their credentials. He says law enforcement doesn’t ask for handouts for what they do, and they won’t allow anyone else to take advantage of a good citizen by claiming to be police.

“We took an oath to protect the citizens of the state of Louisiana, and we take it very serious when someone tries to utilize our position to gain control over someone else,” Harris said.

Wells is being held in the Bossier Parish Jail awaiting extradition to Caddo Parish on one count of fraudulent portrayal of a law enforcement officer.

Matt Harris, Lester Wells, LSP

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