Lt. Gov. Nungesser celebrating Mardi Gras in the nation's capital
Posted on 2/13/2018 5:00:00 AM.
Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser is celebrating Mardi Gras, he’s just not in Louisiana. He’s helping to promote Louisiana’s new travel tourism slogan “Louisiana: Feed Your Soul.” The new brand is being promoted in several states, including the nation’s capital.

"I'll be in Washington D.C. with a food truck passing out King Cake and attracting local and national media.  It's also a time for us to promote Mardi Gras around the country and around the world."
Nungesser says the new branding perfectly typifies the kind of activities travelers can expect to do when they come to Louisiana. 
"From fishing to fun to food to music.  We've got so many ways to "Feed Your Soul."  It's a great brand and we're really excited about rolling it out on Mardi Gras week."
Nungesser says the reaction to the new slogan has been positive and hopes that the internet can be used to further spread the idea of making travel plans to Louisiana. 
"Were reaching out to all of the celebrities and everyone to post a little short video of how you feed your soul in Louisiana."
Atlanta, Dallas and Houston are also participating in helping to roll out the new brand with food trucks and King Cake.
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