The Max Gruver Act is on its way to the governor's desk
Posted on 5/17/2018 1:18:00 PM.

Three anti-hazing bills are on their way to the governor’s desk following last fall’s death of LSU freshman Max Gruver. The house voted 88 to 1 in favor of final passage of house bill 78 otherwise known as the Max Gruver Act. East Baton Rouge Parish District Attorney Hillar Moore testified in favor of the measure to give the current laws more teeth.

“We are just excited about the opportunity to meet with the governor and have the governor sign the bill into law, I think it’s one that is really necessary and I think this stature is really comprehensive and is going to set Louisiana up as the top standard in the nation for hazing violations.”

Moore says a companion bill to force mandatory education for university fraternities and sororities should help stop dangerous hazing.

“Hopefully it will be an educational tool that we can use to educate students and university people.”

Moore contends that the new law holds principals at the national level accountable for problems at the chapters.

“Part of this bill subjects the principles of fraternities either locally and nationally if they knew about this and took no action or covered it up.”

In the new bill, hazing that does not result in a death will still cost one thousand dollars and six months in jail.

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