Metairie State Senator calls for changes on how the state delivers higher ed
Posted on 2/17/2016 12:09:00 PM.

Metairie Senator Conrad Appel has written a letter to Higher Education Commissioner Joseph Rallo calling on the Board of Regents to construct a plan for organization reform. Appel says it’s clear we have grossly underfunded higher education but there is no prospect of that changing in years to come. He says additional money isn’t going to fall from the sky.

“Redesign the systems that is the schools, the institutions to fit the amount of money that we can reasonably expect to get on into the future.”

Appel says redesigning the system doesn’t necessarily mean the closing of campuses but all options should be on the table.

“If you don’t take action now, you can be assured for as far as we can see in the future of underfunded institutions, which equates to mediocre educational opportunities, that’s wrong.”

Appel says funding for higher education in Louisiana is pretty much stagnant as far as we can see in the future. He says it’s the duty of the Board of Regents to plan the big picture strategy and decide what actions need to be taken.

“Then we would assume that responsibility and take those actions. But for us to operate in a vacuum without Regent’s agreement is really not realistic.”

Conrad Appel, Joseph Rallo, higher education, Board of Regents

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