U.S. Rep Mike Johnson is confident Congress will pass new healthcare bill
Posted on 4/23/2017 3:34:00 AM.

U.S. Representative Mike Johnson believes members of the House are moving closer to agreeing on a bill that would overhaul healthcare in the country. Johnson says many Congressmen were frustrated with the previous legislation that was pulled at the last minute but he’s hopeful new amendments will secure passage through the House and Senate.

“The amendments that we’ve gotten together, I think will accomplish that and then that will get the consensus we need to get the bill passed and we’re excited to get it done. I think it’ll happen in the next couple of weeks.”

Johnson says one provision that’s gained support would put cancer patients and individuals with a chronic illness in a separate market place funded by the federal government. Johnson says the state of Maine has done this and it’s lowered health care costs for many.

“The state then subsidized their premiums because otherwise they would not be able to afford health insurance. What happened though is for the 95% of the rest of the population, their premiums went down.”

Johnson says Congress remains committed to replacing Obamacare, because it has caused premiums in Louisiana, on average, to increase by over 32-percent. He also says part of the plan is to give states more flexibility to pull out of Affordable Care Act provisions.

“Basically eliminating some of the mandates in Obamacare, where there are other cost drivers, the reasons that costs are going up on everyone.”

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