Community effort major part of recovery in Ouachita Parish after tornado devastation
Posted on 10/17/2014 1:36:00 PM.
Michelle Southern reporting.
The community that was hardest hit by the EF2 tornado in northeast Louisiana this week is making news because of the huge way they are rallying together to help each other out in the aftermath. Alan West Brockman is president of a property management company in Monroe and a local musician. He says it was amazing to see how many people came out to help clear all the debris.

"We are a city but we have a lot of roots in the northern delta of Louisiana if you will," said Brockman. "A lot of folks have tractors and brought them in from their farms, people were all out with their chainsaws. Everybody came together -- and still are."

Brockman says their local celebrated Chef Cory Bahr who owns Nonna in the Garden District is offering free meals to those helping out and Wal-Mart donated 500 pounds of meat for him to cook. He says it was a major grass roots effort by citizens taking charge.

"Neighbors came in and all other folks from the community," said Brockman. "The Department of Transportation was working left and right...Entergy. I can't tell you how many folks came together to help everybody."

At the peak of Entergy's outages, about 35,000 customers were without power and Friday morning that number was down to just under 2700. Brockman says the tornado caused trees to fall onto houses, crush cars, close businesses and several roads were completely impassable.

"And how no one was hurt or killed is a miracle," Brockman said. "If you're a praying person you have to give it to the good Lord above. And if not then you have to believe something happened here."

Below are videos of the devastation and rebuild produced by Brockman.

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