Moore: Long had a disdain for officers who killed civilians
Posted on 6/30/2017 12:49:00 PM.
East Baton Rouge District Attorney Hillar Moore gave an extensive review of what happened last July when a gunman ambushed Baton Rouge Police officers, killing three and wounding three. Moore provided the public with the shooter's suicide note. He says its clear Gavin Long came to Baton Rouge to inflict pain on police officers.

"With the AR that he had in his vehicle, the different clips that he had left behind, the boxes of ammo that he left behind, he was going to kill black or white didn't matter, as long as they had a badge, the badge didn't matter," Moore said. 
Long said in his suicide note that many will be surprised by what he's done, but something had to be done to punish "bad cops."
Long's attack on the officers came less than two weeks after a white police officer fatally shot a black man in Baton Rouge.
Moore's presentation lasted about an hour. He replayed the chilling dispatch call when Long opened fire on Sheriff's Deputy Brad Garafola and others. 
Garafola and Baton Rouge Police Officers Matthew Gerald and Montrell Jackson were killed. Three others were wounded.
Moore says Long's attack on the officers lasted nearly 14 minutes. He showed surveillance video that illustrated the intensity of the shootout, but video showing the officers being fatally shot was edited.
He says Deputy Garafola was very brave as he fired shots at Long, while also tending to Officer Gerald who was also fatally shot. 
Moore says a Special Response Team was on stand-by because of the recent protests and were on the scene in minutes. He says SWAT officers fired a total of 89 rounds and Long had a total of 45 bullet wounds. The D-A says the officers who killed Long were completely justified and he was ready to die that day too based on his suicide note. 
"If you look at the prayer that was left behind, given to you in the report, it talks about that if you say this prayer on the day that you will die, you'll go to heaven and get your reward," Moore said  
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