Rep. Helena Moreno hopes to see an overhaul of state's sexual harassment policy
Posted on 1/12/2018 11:19:00 AM.

The Legislative Women’s Caucus is investigating to see if it is necessary to overhaul sexual harassment policies for the legislature and state government employees. Chairman and New Orleans Representative Helena Moreno finds it disturbing even though policies are in place, it’s hard to hold legislators accountable if they were accused of sexual harassment.

"Those policies are for full-time employees.  But guess what, legislators are part-time employees. Therefore, those rules are not applicable to members of the legislature."
Moreno says the current policies are antiquated and need to be brought up to date to ensure a comfortable and productive working environment. Her hope is if persons are found guilty of sexual harassment allegations, they will be held accountable. 
"Whether you're a legislator an intern, a full-time or a part-time employee, some will be facing consequences  if they act in this manner."
Moreno says the committee is also investigating to see if an online sexual harassment course that legislators are required to take is presented in a way that educates them enough to protect them and others they work with. 
"It's a quick and easy course. You have to take little quizzes and tests along the way and then pass a final test at the end.  I think that can also be improved as well." 
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