Moss Bluff teen dies after falling off roof of SUV
Posted on 10/31/2014 11:54:00 AM.
A 16-year-old student from Sam Houston High School in Lake Charles is dead after he fell off the roof of an SUV. Commander James McGee, with the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's office, says Kaleb Franks and another teen were sitting on top of the SUV, with their feet on the inside of an open sunroof, when the driver made a quick jerking motion with the steering wheel.

"Causing one of the 16-year-olds, Kaleb Franks of Moss Bluff, threw him off of the vehicle, causing him severe head injuries," McGee said.
Franks was taken to a local hospital with head injuries and pronounced dead on Thursday night. McGee says the driver was 15-year-old and an unlicensed driver.
"Standard toxicology testing of the driver were performed, and charges could result later." 
The SUV belonged to one of the male's parents. McGee says based on their investigation the teens were goofing around and unfortunately it led to a child's death. 
"Definitely a tragedy, I'm sure that if everyone involved could do something differently, they would."   
Kaleb Franks, SUV, Sam Houston High School, Calcasieu Parish

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