Abandoned child found on Holly Beach while parents jogged naked
Posted on 9/22/2015 4:36:00 PM.
Michelle Southern reporting.
The Cameron Parish Sheriff’s Office is investigating the case of a 1 year old child who was discovered wandering Holly Beach alone, while her parents were jogging naked 4 miles away. 

Sheriff Ron Johnson says when authorities responded, they noticed a Ford Explorer which had been left running a short distance from where the child was found.
"My chief deputy then rode out there and found the two parents jogging down the beach with no clothes on," said Johnson.

Johnson says child protection services was called to assist in this case and the two parents, 32-year-old Cody Bourgeois and 35-year-old Monique Bourgeois, are charged with child desertion and obscenity. 

He says he’s not sure why the parents left the baby and started running with no clothes on but they believe drugs are involved.

"According to my law enforcement personnel who's been dealing with them say they were high on something," said Johnson.

The citizen who discovered the baby all alone and went to assist her was Chuck Pierson of Carlyss. 

He says the little girl was thirsty and had mosquito bites on her and finds it incomprehensible that her parents were so far away with no clothes on.

"I don't know what to say about that. I have kids myself," says Pierson. "I was somewhat upset and I would freak out if something like that happened to my kids."
Cameron Parish Sheriff’s Office, Ron Johnson, Cody Bourgeois, Monique Bourgeois, Chuck Pierson, Holly Beach

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