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New Tulane poll finds Kennedy with comfortable lead in US Senate runoff
Posted on 12/5/2016 1:10:00 PM.
A new survey out of Tulane reveals US Senate candidate Republican John Kennedy has a healthy lead in the race against Democrat Foster Campbell in the runoff. Brian Brox, associate professor of Political Science, says they found 59% of respondents said they would vote for Kennedy, while 40% said Campbell is their choice.

He says the Republican has always been favored in Saturday's race.

"December 10th will be a low turnout affair," said Brox. "And the unusually timed affair, most of those voters tend to have more Republican and conservative characteristics."

The survey found that, when the presidential vote of the respondent is considered, nearly 83 percent of Trump voters said they plan to vote for Kennedy.

Brox says it's interesting that just 69 percent of Clinton voters said they would vote for Campbell. He attributes that to people that voted for Clinton because they didn't want to vote for Trump.

"These are perhaps people that where either Republicans or conservative Democrats, who just couldn't vote for Trump," said Brox. "But now that he's no longer on the ballot they feel comfortable voting for Kennedy in the runoff."

Brox says supporters of the Senate candidate who did not make the runoff are splitting along partisan lines. He believes many voters feel that voting for the Democrat in this race means choosing the minority party since Republicans will control the Senate.

"So electing a Republican would that person in the majority party," said Brox.
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