New study shows male LSU professors make significantly more than female professors
Posted on 12/6/2017 11:52:00 AM.

A new study from the University Council on Gender Equity finds that LSU male professors make significantly more than female professors, in some cases a difference of $20 to $30 thousand a year. Assistant Accounting Professor Christine Cheng says these numbers are preliminary but noteworthy.

“The purpose of this was to spark that discussion but also try to incorporate a lot of those factors so that we can have real informative discussions around what is it that’s driving this wage gap.”

A spokesman for LSU says the data used in the report is missing variables such as some salary offers being based on experience, education and other market factors. Cheng says additional research needs to be done where outside factors are considered but these numbers are correct.

“The average wage for males relative to the average wage for females, we do find a discrepancy where there are colleges across the university where males on average out earn females.”

The report took the total wages and calculated the average monthly pay of professors. Cheng says there are many influences that go into each teacher’s payment but it’s still alarming to think a male professor could be making $20,000 dollars more than a female doing the same job. She says they plan to dive deeper into these numbers.

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