Small Business Optimism Reaches New High in August
Posted on 9/11/2018 12:32:00 PM.

The month of August saw small business optimism hit an all-time high according to the latest survey by the National Federation of Independent Business. It’s a new record for the 45 year history of the survey, topping the previous record set in July 1983. NFIB State Director Dawn Starns says much of the credit for the high marks goes to improved economic policy.

"It's because people feel good.  Small business owners feel good about the outlook for business from a growth perspective, from a job openings perspective," says Starns

Starns says capital spending is the highest it has been since 2007, which means business owners are expanding.

"It's really positive when you see a small business owner investing in their capital expansion because that again signifies that they feel like there is going to be long-term positive economic effect for them," says Starns.

Starns says the latest tax reform has also contributed to the boost in optimism.

"This tax reform has really hit the ground and people are really starting to see what's really happening to their bottom line and economy.  The economic policy across the board has improved," says Starns.

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