LDWF have yet to find chronic wasting disease in Louisiana
Posted on 4/7/2018 8:32:00 AM.
The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries says they have yet to find any positive results for chronic wasting disease in Louisiana. LDWF was put on alert when a case was confirmed in the Mississippi Delta just five miles away from the Louisiana border. LDWF Deer Program Manager Johnathan Bordelon says they’ve sampled 188 deer from East Carroll, Madison and Tensas parishes.

"We've gotten results back, of the 114 (samples) CWD wasn't detected in any of them," Bordelon said.  
Bordelon says they hope to sample over 100 more deer in northeast Louisiana. He says C-W-D is a neurodegenerative disease and it causes irreversible brain damage and infected deer can spread the disease even before symptoms develop. 
"Preventive measures are really the only tools to combat the disease at this time," Bordelon said. "Obviously early detection is very important. That's exactly why we are monitoring at this time." 
Bordelon says they will continue to work with private landowners to obtain consent for sampling efforts and they are asking for the public to watch out for signs of the disease. 
"So anyone that would observe a deer acting abnormal...maybe walking circles, unaware of people approaching it, those are deer that will definitely be suspect."  
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