Parents can now make child support payments through MoneyGram
Posted on 3/9/2017 12:25:00 PM.

Non-custodial parents in Louisiana can now make child support payments through MoneyGram at retail stores like WalMart, CVS and Albertsons. Director of Child Support Enforcement with the Department of Children and Family Services Lydia Scales says this is a more convenient way to pay rather than purchasing stamps and mailing in money.

“This is for the non-custodial parents who are unbanked, do not have a traditional banking account, a savings or a checking account, or a credit card.”

Scales says they often hear excuses from parents who don’t have custody, that it’s too difficult to make a payment. She says making cash payments through MoneyGram will allow these people to contribute more to their children.

“There are about 780 Louisiana locations. So we’re hoping that these non-custodial parents can get to some of these areas and make their child support payments.”

Other states are already using MoneyGram for cash child support payments. Scales says there is a four-dollars fee, but the convenience pays for itself. She says parents do need a few things in order to send support to their children through MoneyGram.

“Their LACES number, which is the child support number and there is a code they have to give them when they go in and for Louisiana that code would be 14695.”

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