BR Police Chief defends law enforcement's use of 'militarized tactics'
Posted on 7/18/2016 5:11:00 PM.

Baton Rouge Police Chief Carl Dabadie defended law enforcement’s use of “militarized tactics” in light of the recent ambush on police officers. He says the officers who responded did exactly what they were trained to do.

“They went to the fire. They didn’t run. They didn’t go the other direction. They didn’t blow it off. They went straight to it, and I could not be more proud of these officers,” Dabadie said.

Dabadie says police have been questioned repeatedly over the past couple of weeks about their use of “militarized tactics.” He says the tragedy that occurred Sunday is an example of why they must be prepared to use any and all means to neutralize a threat.

“We are up against a force that is not playing by the rules. They haven’t played by the rules. They didn’t play by the rules in Dallas, and they didn’t play by the rules here,” Dabadie said.

The shooting on Sunday morning occurred less than a mile away from police headquarters. Dabadie says if the shooter, Gavin Long, was not stopped, he probably would have gone straight to police headquarters and taken more lives. He says it was a long range shot that ended Long’s terror.

“That shot that our SWAT team made was a hell of a shot, but it had to be made. We had to neutralize the threat right there. We could not let it go any further,” Dabadie said.

Carl Dabadie, Baton Rouge Police

Provided by ABC News

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