Political group launches ad claiming to tell the truth about Gov. Edwards' tax plan
Posted on 4/12/2017 11:34:00 AM.

Truth in Politics is a new political group created to tell Louisiana residents the truth about Governor John Bel Edwards’s tax plan. TIP Executive Director Kelli Bottger says they are launching a digital ad campaign to prevent the legislature from passing the governor’s proposals to raise taxes on businesses.

“We will then make decisions on advocacy work throughout the legislative session to inform the public of the policies that have been put forth that don’t align with what our people of this state really want.”

Governor Edwards’ tax plan calls for a new tax on big businesses, lowering income taxes on individuals and broadening the state’s sales tax, but lowering the overall rate. Bottger says their biggest concern is with Edwards’ proposal to raise taxes on businesses and they will use targeted ads to alert voters.

“Get them to call their legislators and tell their legislators how they would like them to vote based on their view points, so it will all be data driven decisions and messaging based on the data we receive.”

Governor Edwards’ communications director Richard Carbo referred to TIP has a deep-pocketed special interest group. Bottger says they are not offering any alternatives to tax changes, as their goal is simply to tell the public the truth about these policies.

“We’re doing nothing but telling the truth and we’re basing it on what the people of Louisiana have told us they would like to see in policy or don’t want. People don’t want higher taxes.”

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