New 2015 governor's poll still has Vitter as the favorite
Posted on 7/6/2014 7:18:00 PM.
A survey by North Carolina-based, Public Policy Polling, has Senator David Vitter leading in run-off matches against three potential opponents in the 2015 race for governor. Pollster Tom Jensen says Vitter has strong approval ratings, which will make him tough to beat.

"48% of the voters approve of him, 35% disapprove," Jensen said. "When you compare that with Bobby Jindal and Mary Landrieu it makes Vitter the most popular politician in the state."
In the survey of 664 registered voters, Vitter easily defeated democratic state representative John Bel Edwards in a possible run-off, and also came out on top against Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne and New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu. Jensen says in a hypothetical run-off with Landrieu, Vitter received 48-percent and the mayor got 44-percent.
"He has the popularity and it looks like he could make it a race, if he decides to get in. It's just a question of whether he ends up doing that."
Jensen says a run-off with Dardenne will also be a tight race. He says according to their survey, Vitter has a six-percentage point lead over the Lt, Governor, 40-to-34 percent.
"I think you would see democrats tend to vote for Dardenne in a such a run-off and then if you combine that with just a large enough of the percentage of the republican vote that's where you could see Vitter have some trouble."
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