Caddo Sheriff wants to see teachers carry guns, opponents are concerned
Posted on 2/24/2018 4:00:00 PM.
Caddo Parish Sheriff Steve Prator is asking the Caddo Parish School Board, to allow some faculty and administrators to carry guns on campus. Most Caddo Parish schools have a security guard or a resource officer, but he feels it’s not enough. Prator says schools are an open door to criminals with weapons. 

"We're worried about guns being on a campus and we've got signs up bragging about that we're a gun free zone.  Well that tells the evil bad guys, 'Hey I can go in there and nobody's got a gun.'"
Teacher union groups oppose Prator's proposal. President of the Red River United Union, Jackie Lansdale, says teachers are there educate students and going beyond that to protect students is more than what they signed up for.
"We're not the police officers. We're not the law enforcement people. And it would be a sad day when we have to become that."
Prator says school staff that would be allowed to carry guns, must undergo several hours of training to make sure they can handle a weapon in a crisis situation. 
"They would be trained in not only just carrying a concealed weapon, but they would have much more training than that. They would have psychological and background testing done."
Lansdale knows there are challenges facing schools and law enforcement alike with the increase in violence on school campuses. She believes more parental involvement is a better way to stop many copycats from acting out. 
"If they give you a reason to have pause that this person, even though they're my loved one, might be going to commit a horrendous crime.  What is your child looking at?  What games are they playing?" 
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