Poll: 56% of Louisianans approve of the Trump administration
Posted on 6/7/2018 2:49:00 PM.

A statewide poll from JMC Analytics shows despite a 42% national approval rating for President Donald Trump, Louisianans are still on board, as 56% of those surveyed approve of his administration. Pollster John Couvillon says “never Trump Republicans” never caught on in the Bayou State.

“President Trump has maintained his rock solid popularity here in Louisiana and it’s anchored in his near unanimous 88% support of Republicans.”

The poll also indicates the president has strong support amongst white Democrats and independents. But Couvillon says there’s two cities that just never bought into Make America Great Again, and that’s been the case since the President jumped in the race in 2016.

“The really only area of weakness I see from President Trump is that he doesn’t do well in the larger metropolitan areas like Baton Rouge and New Orleans.”

Also released were some very early polling results on the upcoming Secretary of State special election that will be held in fall as a result of a sexual harassment scandal that toppled the former Secretary Tom Schedler. It looks like most folks have no clue who many of the possible candidates are at this point, and Couvillon says that likely means it’ll take a big name to break the race open.

“What’s going to happen for one of them to break out will be the quality and quantity of the messaging that the candidate does. I see it as a visibility kind of thing giving that it is a down ballot race." 
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