Proposed legislation would allow pets to be buried with owners
Posted on 3/18/2016 3:01:00 AM.

A proposed bill for the current regular legislative session would allow pet owners to have their deceased pets buried alongside them in a human graveyard. Author of the legislation, Metairie Senator Conrad Appel, says currently it’s illegal in Louisiana. He says he was approached by a veterinarian who suggested creating a law because many people have strong connections with their cats and dogs.

“That’s the goal of that is just to make it an option and it would be in separately designated sections of cemeteries, it’s not to be intermixed with the normal burial areas.”

Appel says he and his family are big pet lovers and are keen on the idea of being buried with their furry friends. He says being buried with a pet is legal in a few other states and many people get upset it’s not allowed in Louisiana.

“If you had the cremated remains of a dog, let’s say, and you wanted to be buried with it, then you could be but it would not be in the general area of the cemetery.”

Appel expects the legislation will get a hearing within the next few weeks. He says he doesn’t see anything wrong with allowing a pet owner this option…

“There are a tremendous number of pet lovers, as I am, so it’s just something to allow the people that option.”

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