Rains continue from Tropical Storm Harvey
Posted on 8/29/2017 10:55:00 AM.

Tropical Storm Harvey continues to pour water down on Texas and Louisiana. State climatologist Barry Keim says the worst part is it’s not over yet, as much more rain is yet to come. He says 5 to 10 more inches of rain is still possible in Louisiana.

“It is expected to pick up some steam tomorrow and probably make a landfall in Cameron Parish most likely sometime tomorrow afternoon,” Keim said, “Then it’s going to take a very slow path across Louisiana and probably track over Alexandria then head on up just on the east side of Monroe.”

Keim says Louisiana can expect two more days of rainfall, especially in the southwestern corner of the state. He says today will likely see the heaviest rains, and there’s still more to come tomorrow. He says Harvey is dumping a lot of water because the system is moving so slowly.

“This storm’s only moved about 150 miles in three or four days. It’s just bobbing and weaving at two or three miles per hour, and it just keeps sending rain band after rain band into these locations,” Keim said “In fact the highest rain total I’ve seen so far is 45 inches.”

Keim says unfortunately, hurricane season is still far from over. The midpoint of the season isn’t until September 10, so there could be more storms to come. But he says Harvey is starting to ingest some dry air, which is weakening the system a bit.

“The fact that it is over the Gulf, it’s just got this vast reservoir that just keeps feeding into it. Fortunately it is ingesting a little bit of dry air that will create more breaks in the rainfall. So it won’t be quite so continuous,” Keim said.

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